Ottalee Simmonds is the senior pastor of Christ liquid fire ministry and is a wonderful role model to the young men and women within the community. His passion is to help mentor and encourage those who have given up on their hopes and dreams. He does this with a selfless attitude. Ottalee thrives on impacting the lives of others by his encouraging sermons and practical teachings on positivity and being the best you can be in life. This shows through the way he helps and motivates the people around him as well as the people he does not know. Ottalee Simmonds considers others before himself. Conveying knowledge and encouragement to people, helping others to achieve more in life. Having faith in people, installing confidence of becoming your own boss in your own right. Even with all his many talents from he’s musical abilities e.g. Singing, Song writing, playing various different Instruments, He accomplishes every goal he sets out for himself and he’s an entrepreneur, creating multiple businesses from scratch.  Ottalee Simmonds is a very humble, outgoing, bubbly and determined young man. Allowing the people around him to be themselves without a judgmental approach.

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