The power of Words

Many fail to realise that their lives are tailor made by the tongue.

Words are not mere words they carry the ability to build or even destroy nations, country or people.

Be mindful of your utterances for they become the blueprint not just for you but also those that are directly influenced by them.

Many persons fall victim to ill spoken words and have become a product of words carelessly uttered.

Many parents spoke words of condemnation against their children while they were frustrated and today those children are living the reality of those curse words.

What can I do to overcome negative declarations our my life and family

Each day you must declare what you want to achieve or become. Do this habitually until it becomes a part of you. Declare words of affirmation over yourself, children, spouse, Job and anything or anyone that you are affiliated or associated with.

You destiny is constantly being shape by your mouth so be wise in your speech.

Ottalee Simmonds

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